Recent Verdicts and Settlements

$18,350,000 Verdict

Medical Malpractice. Child suffered birth injuries due to hospital negligence.

$7,000,000 Settlement

Pedestrian Knockdown: 52-year-old suffered multiple injuries to her knees, shoulders, and back.

$1,650,000 Verdict

Medical Malpractice. 67-year-old suffered injuries due to doctor’s negligence during knee replacement surgery.

$1,240,000 Settlement

Auto Accident. 24-year-old plaintiff suffered multiple fractures.

$1,100,000 Settlement

Auto Accident. 71-year-old female suffered brain trauma and lower back injury.

$975,000 Settlement

Wrongful Death. 31-year-old female killed while crossing street.

$948,000 Verdict

Premises Liability. Six month old baby suffered severe burns due to negligent maintenance of boiler system.

$947,000 Settlement

Auto Accident. 58-year-old male suffered fractured leg with multiple surgeries.

$775,000 Settlement

Premises Liability. Client suffered severe burns due to defective steps during fire evacuation.

$695,000 Settlement

Auto Accident. 52-Year old male suffered fractured nose.

$500,000 Settlement

Auto Accident. 70-year-old female suffered fractured leg and multiple surgeries. Full policy.

$475,000 Settlement

Auto Accident. 67-year-old male suffered head injuries in rear-end collision.

$400,000 Settlement

Labor Law. Elevator mechanic injured shoulder.

$300,000 Settlement

Auto Accident. 48-year-old suffered multiple herniations.

$285,000 Settlement

Premises Liability. Plaintiff cut hand on cracked and defective window in apartment.

$250,000 Settlement

Auto Accident. Wrongful death of 70-year-female, received full policy.

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