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Whether you are buying or selling your first home or your fifth commercial property, the process can be as overwhelming as it is exciting. It can also be unnecessarily costly and time consuming.

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To ensure that the process is as cost-effective and efficient as possible and that your rights and best interests are protected from start to finish, it is essential to work with an experienced Dutchess County real estate attorney.

Real estate law encompasses more than just buying and selling the family home. From protecting commercial real estate investments to representing clients involved in particularly contentious disputes, the skilled legal team at Sayegh and Sayegh has helped countless clients achieve their real estate goals, protect their investments, and save time, money, and stress.

Real Estate Transactions We Commonly Handle

We represent buyers, sellers, property owners, management companies, and all parties involved in real estate transactions and litigation in Yonkers and throughout Dutchess County. We assist clients in all aspects of real estate law, including:

  • Sales and acquisitions
  • Buy-sell agreements
  • Condo and co-op conversions
  • Contract review
  • Document drafting
  • Financing
  • Land use and zoning
  • Lease negotiations
  • Rental agreements
  • Foreclosure representation
  • Disputes
  • Litigation

If you need legal help with a real estate transaction in Yonkers or anywhere in Dutchess County, contact Sayegh and Sayegh today at (845) 592-4448 for a free and confidential consultation about your case.

How a Dutchess County Real Estate Lawyer Can Help

Real estate attorneys aren’t only helpful when problems arise; even a “simple rental lease” and buying a starter home should be done with the help of an experienced lawyer. Although an attorney isn’t an absolute requirement for real estate transactions in New York, it is customary—and highly recommended—for both parties to bring their own counsel to the proverbial (and literal) table.

If you are selling a home, your Dutchess County real estate attorney may:

  • Prepare the contract of sale, including any provisions and riders for additional terms;
  • Collect the deposit, typically 10 percent of purchase price;
  • Review the title report for issues, such as liens or violations;
  • Prepare documents for closing, including transfer tax returns and the deed;
  • Calculate closing costs;
  • Request a pay-off letter to determine outstanding balance with mortgage lender; and
  • Represent you at closing.

If you are buying a home, your NY real estate lawyer may:

  • Review the sellers’ contract;
  • Review the title report for issues, such as liens or violations;
  • Help you gather information and documents requested by mortgage lenders;
  • Calculate closing costs, which may be owed to the sellers, their lender, the title company, and others;
  • Represent you at closing, reviewing all documents that you must sign, including transfer tax returns, the deed, and any mortgage documents; and
  • Ensure that all payments are made accurately.

Even simple rental leases should be drafted and/or reviewed with the help of a real estate attorney before entering into any type of contractual agreement. Overly-generic, boilerplate leases can result in disastrous consequences for either landlord or tenant when issues arise.

Speaking of issues, when significant financial investments are at stake—as is the case with most real estate transactions—the potential for disputes increases exponentially.

At Sayegh and Sayegh PC, we handle all types of real estate disputes, and our knowledgeable legal team has an impressive track record of obtaining the results our clients want.

Common Real Estate Disputes

If you are involved in a real estate dispute, we will work tirelessly to protect your rights and resolve the dispute in the most cost-effective manner possible. Common causes of real estate disputes include:

  • Breach of contract—when one or more parties to a contract do not fulfill their contractual obligations, they can be found in breach of contract.
  • Boundary issues—when property boundaries are not clearly defined and registered, resulting property disputes may lead to litigation.
  • Real estate fraud—when one party is harmed due to false representation or an intentional omission of material information, the responsible party may be deemed liable for any damages.
  • Title issues—when new property is sold, the title must be clean for the buyer.
  • Landlord-tenant issues—when a disagreement arises over tenant rights, responsibility for repairs, late rent, or eviction, dispute resolution may require legal counsel.

Although we will do everything possible to avoid litigation, it may become unavoidable when out-of-court negotiations do not resolve the issue. If litigation is inevitable, our highly-experienced legal team is prepared to take your case to court and fight aggressively and skillfully to protect your interests.

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Whether you want to ensure that a rental lease serves your best interests or you’re involved in a multimillion-dollar commercial real estate dispute, we can help. Contact Sayegh and Sayegh PC today at (845) 592-4448 for a free and confidential consultation about your case.

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