Common Car Accident Injuries

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When severe injuries occur because of a car accident, the price of treatment can be extremely costly.

Emergency medical treatment, hospitalizations, surgeries, and sometimes extensive follow up care all come at a steep price.

This is why Americans who were injured in a car accident because of the negligence of another person have the right to file a personal injury claim and seek compensation for the damages.

The five most common injuries from automobile accidents in New York

The types of injuries that can happen in a car accident are as various as the cars on the road.

However, some of the most common injuries from car accidents include:

      • Whiplash. When a vehicle comes to a sudden stop or sharp turn the head can “whip” back and forth, injuring tendons and muscles in the neck. Most whiplash heals with time, but some cases can be more severe.
      • Traumatic brain injuries (TBI). A concussion is a TBI that heals in a short period of time, but often bruising, tearing and other injuries to the brain can cause debilitating problems.
      • Broken bones. The sheer impact and blunt force of car accidents often causes broken bones in the extremities, such as the arms, legs, feet and hands. As people age, broken bones take longer to heal and can cause lasting disabilities.
      • Internal bleeding. The impact from an accident can tear or rupture internal organs, causing internal bleeding that requires surgery, and in worst-case scenarios, is fatal.
      • PTSD. Being involved in an accident can be a scary, stressful and sometimes horrifying experience. As a result, people often suffer from psychological and emotional injuries long after the physical injuries have healed. This can include symptoms like depression, anxiety, stress, and a reduced interest in life.

Suffering from an injury in a car accident can drastically change your life.

If the accident wasn’t your fault, you shouldn’t have to pay the price monetarily as well.

Contact a knowledgeable car accident lawyer in Yonkers

No one should have to suffer because of the negligence of another person.

At the Law Firm of Sayegh and Sayegh, we have a history of fighting for our clients to help them win the compensation they deserve.

Our team has over 70 years of combined experience and have won multiple high-profile personal injury cases.

If you’ve been injured and are considering filing a personal injury claim in Yonkers, NY, give us a call at (914) 968-5800 or contact our firm online to schedule a consultation with a Yonkers car accident attorney.

We look forward to talking with you.